Swim and Survive

Swimming is an essential life skill that should be enjoyed by all.  Simply knowing how to swim is not enough to keep a person safe while in the water and it’s an unfortunate fact that far too many water related ‘accidents’ happen in Australia.

We run the Safety Week program twice a year and the swim and survive (safety) skills included in this program are incorporated into every swimming lesson.

During Safety Week our swimming instructors cover various scenarios reinforcing how to remain safe while on a boat, or swimming at the beach, being in a pool, river or lake.

Most accidents occur without the children being prepared for the water, they may be fully dressed and more than likely, without any goggles.  While our kids routinely swim without goggles, we extend this practice during Safety Week for the entire lesson.

The information given during these sessions is tailored to suit the age and skill set of each group.  Their purpose is to reinforce a greater awareness of safety while they are in and around water.  The content covered is not only about helping your child  if they are ever faced with a challenging situation, they are also given instruction on how they can assist others who may find themselves in trouble.

These lessons can be considered one of the MOST IMPORTANT sessions we run throughout the year. If you have any concerns regarding the content or nature of these sessions, please feel free to contact the swim school for further information.

Safety Week Info Sheets

Safety Week – Morning Letter to Parents

Safety Week – Afternoon Letter to Parents

Safety Week – Morning Info Sheet

Safety Week – Afternoon (L1&2) Info Sheet

Safety Week – Afternoon (L3&4) Info Sheet

Safety Week – Afternoon (L5&6) Info Sheet