School Swimming Program

Swimming is an important life skill that should be accessible and enjoyed by everyone.  Unfortunately, some children only ever get the opportunity to learn to swim with the proper instruction, through a school swimming program.

Because we are a purpose built swimming facility, our sole focus is only  about  teaching swimming and water safety education.  Our staff are certified AUSTSWIM instructors who form a  passionate team. They have the necessary skill set and experience for swimming instruction and are able to support a range of abilities and ages, from the novice, right up to the squad swimmer and everyone in between.

We incorporate ‘swim and survive (safety) skills’ into every lesson; in addition to this, we teach rescue education which forms part of our ‘Safety Day’ program, with particular emphasis given to different safety strategies and survival techniques. We enhance learning by practicing various scenarios relevant to a number of different aquatic environments i.e when we are in a pool, at the beach, on a boat or swimming in rivers and lakes.

We welcome any enquiries and we look forward to the opportunity of providing more detailed information.  Please feel free to contact me on Ph: 9761-7030.  

Kind regards,

Vicki Field