Quality Teaching

No two children learn in exactly the same way or at exactly the same time.  Some children grasp certain aspects of swimming quickly while others may take a little longer.

Swimmers are assessed regularly by our AUSTSWIM certified instructors.  This ensures swimmers are not being held back if they are advancing faster than anticipated, and/or aren’t being pushed beyond their capabilities.

Our swimming instructors are trained to teach using the same formula within structured lessons.  The uniformity of our ‘swimming language’ and our hands on approach assists in eliminating confusion for our swimming students when changing from one instructor to another or progressing from one level to the next.

Whilst we believe swimming is about having fun and being safe in the water, we also believe every swimmer should have the opportunity to swim to the best of their ability.  Swimming is an excellent activity to keep children of all ages active.  Participation in regular swimming lessons, through the ‘learn to swim program’ provides the opportunity for children to be active, swim recreationally or to achieve their personal best when swimming competitively.

We have been fortunate to have witnessed year on year,  how  with the combination of our swimming program and the consistency of swimming training our students have the confidence and the swimming ability necessary to compete in their schools annual swimming competitions.  In several instances our swimmers’ have progressed onto higher competing levels.  These events are exciting and are a highlight for everyone involved and we love hearing about the results our swimming students achieve.