Swim and Survive

Swimming is a life skill that should be enjoyed by all whether the swimmer would like to progress to the top level or just swim for fun and enjoyment. It is an unfortunate fact that far too many ‘accidents’ happen in Australian waters over summer on a daily basis.

Although we endeavor to incorporate swim and survive (safety) skills into each and every one of our swimming lessons, we also run “Safety Week” roughly three times a year. During these lessons our teachers discuss and play out various scenarios ranging from pool, beach, boat to river environments. Most accidents happen without the children being prepared for the water, i.e. no goggles, dressed. While we practice swimming without goggles on a weekly basis, we extend this practice during safety week.

Depending on the swimmers age and ability, the amount and difficulty of the information or skill required will vary.

Our safety lessons have been designed to be age and ability appropriate to ensure swimmers leave the lesson with a greater awareness of why they need to be safe in and around water and how they can help themselves (and others) if and/or when they may find themselves in trouble.

These lessons are NOT designed to instill fear in our swimmers minds and can be considered one of the MOST IMPORTANT lessons we run throughout the year. If you have any concerns regarding the content or nature of these lessons, please feel free to contact the swim school for further information.

Safety Week Info Sheets

Safety Week – Morning Letter to Parents

Safety Week – Afternoon Letter to Parents

Safety Week – Morning Info Sheet

Safety Week – Afternoon (L1&2) Info Sheet

Safety Week – Afternoon (L3&4) Info Sheet

Safety Week – Afternoon (L5&6) Info Sheet