Quality Teaching

Regardless of age, all swimmers should be treated on an individual level and we pride ourselves in providing this service. No two children learn in exactly the same way or at exactly the same time, some children grasp certain aspects of swimming quickly, others take a little longer. We pride ourselves on providing services to cater to these differences within classes.

Here at the VFSS we ensure our qualified teachers assess our swimmers frequently on his/her progression. In this way, we ensure swimmers are not being held back if they are advancing faster than anticipated, and/or swimmers are not being pushed beyond their capability.

All our teachers have been trained to speak the same language. That is, as swimmers the same terminology is used when instructing to eliminate confusion as swimmers advance from one lane to the next. This also creates more structure, cohesion and balance to our lessons to ensure swimmers are comfortable and happy in the environment they are learning in.

Whilst we believe swimming is about having fun and being safe in the water, we also believe every swimmer should have the opportunity to swim to the best of his/her ability. Swimming is an excellent activity to keep children of all ages active. Participation in regular swimming lessons, whether though the learn-to-swim program or as a member of our swimming club (VFSS is the home of the New Street Sharks), provides the opportunity for children of all ages to be active and to swim recreationally (for fun and fitness) and/or for those who want to swim competitively to achieve their personal best. The swim and survive skills that our swimmers learn during their weekly lessons allows our little swimmers to have the opportunity to participate in school sports if they wish. Participation in such events is fantastic for self-esteem and camaraderie especially for those in the senior primary/junior secondary years of schooling. It should be the individuals’ choice to participate in schools sports such as swimming, rather than their ability holding them back from participating.